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Job Description

*Text "Pharmacist" to 207.506.0033 for more information.*

This position requires flexibility in scheduling, the understanding that shifts may be scheduled for opening, midday, or closing shifts as dictated by the needs of the business, and the willingness to accept additional duties as deemed appropriate by Assistant Pharmacy Managers, the Pharmacist-In-Charge, and/or the Pharmacy Business Operations Manager.


• Neat professional appearance in accordance with the NLH Dress Code Policy • Accept, fill, and dispense prescription in a professional and courteous manner • Acquire extensive knowledge of the pharmacy operating system • Fulfill all professional and legal obligations for counseling of patients and conferring with practitioners • Accept prescription orders from physicians in an efficient, courteous manner • Provide guidance to practitioners for drug selection when appropriate • Compound prescription as needed Additional Responsibilities • Promote employee safety/awareness to prevent injuries • Report incidents/accidents within 24 hours • Ensure that the work environment is free from recognized hazards that create a risk of injury to employees, customers, and/or visitors • Communicate with site employees and management as needed • Ensure that the pharmacy is operated in accordance with all rules, regulations, and laws • Maintain clear, concise communication with all employees, supervisors, and managers • Operate in accordance with all rules, regulations, and laws • Maine and Federal Laws • Ensure direct supervision of technicians and other personnel is maintained at all times and for all activities as defined by Maine State Pharmacy Law • The pharmacist shall physically review each prescription drug order prepared by a pharmacy technician before the product is delivered to the patient or the authorized agent of the patient. • The pharmacist is responsible for the work of each pharmacy technician working under the direct supervision of the pharmacist. • In the absence of the pharmacist in charge, a pharmacist on duty shall be the supervisor. • The pharmacist shall verify and confirm the correctness, exactness, accuracy and completeness of the acts, tasks and functions undertaken by the pharmacy technician to assist the pharmacist in the practice of pharmacy. • Clinical Duties as directed including but not limited to: • Prior Authorization Completion • Financial Assistance Procurement • Counseling and educating patients • Medication therapy management • Medication reconciliation • Patient Management

Other Information:

Competencies and Skills

  • Behaves with Integrity and Builds Trust: Acts consistently in line with the core values, commitments and rules of conduct. Leads by example and tells the truth. Does what they say they will, when and how they say they will, or communicates an alternate plan.
  • Cultivates Respect: Treats others fairly, embraces and values differences, and contributes to a culture of diversity, inclusion, empowerment and cooperation.
  • Fosters Accountability: Creates and participates in a work environment where people hold themselves and others accountable for processes, results and behaviors. Takes appropriate ownership not only of successes but also mistakes and works to correct them in a timely manner. Demonstrates understanding that we all work as a team and the quality and timeliness of work impacts everyone involved.
  • Practices Compassion: Exhibits genuine care for people and is available and ready to help; displays a deep awareness of and strong willingness to relieve the suffering of others.


  • Required Registered Pharmacist


  • Required Bachelor's Degree

Working Conditions

  • Work with computers, typing, reading or writing.
  • Extend body and limbs to reach items.
  • Lifting, moving and loading 20 to 30 pounds.
  • Prolonged periods of sitting.
  • Prolonged periods of standing.
  • Prolonged periods of walking.

Equal Opportunity Employment

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status.


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