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Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is seeking a Radiographer/CT Technologist to join their team in Bangor! To review openings, full job description and access our online application visit: If you have any questions, call 207-973-7100.

POSITION SUMMARY: The X-Ray/CT Technologist is responsible for coordinating the patient flow to obtain requested imaging studies in a fast-paced environment. This is achieved through order verification, Quality Assurance of the imaging equipment, proper patient identification and obtaining appropriate imaging following approved policies and protocols. This is to include proper patient preparation and education which may begin prior to the patient arrival. The technologist may be involved in part of a procedural team. The technologist will treat patients of all age groups which includes infancy, pediatrics, adults and geriatrics. The technologist must be knowledgeable of age specific protocols.
WORK HOURS: The technologist must be flexible to cover a variety of shifts with weekend, holiday and non-restricted call duties required as needed.
MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIRED: Must be a graduate of an accredited Radiography program, certified by the ARRT(N) and hold a valid Maine License.
MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: A minimum of 1-year experience in the clinical environment. Will become CT certified within 2 years of hire. Must maintain current certification(s) and licensure through continuing education.
PREFERED EXPERIENCE: CT certification. IV certification - excellent skill appreciated.
OTHER SKILLS REQUIRED: Must be able to hear and verbally communicate with patients, family members, physicians, healthcare professionals, department staff, students, etc. Must obtain IV certification and operate the pressure injector. Treats patients of all age groups and is knowledgeable about development needs across the span, and appropriate age-specific equipment. Will participate as a student competency rater.
WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Must work with video display terminals for up to 80% of an assigned shift. Will work with hazardous materials and equipment. May be exposed to patients with communicable diseases, purulent discharges, and excretions.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to wear lead apron (approx. 10#) for long periods of time. Must be able to stand/walk up to 95% of shift. Must possess dexterity to manipulate large/small objects. Must possess the degree of total body strength and flexibility necessary to move equipment and assist patients with personal hygiene and mobility. Must assist those patients with limited mobility or those requiring total care. Must be able to reach items on the floor, stretch to reach overhead equipment to a height of 5 feet above ground level, and reach across a stretcher to a distance of 25 inches. Must be able to lift a minimum of 45 lbs. to a height 3 feet above ground level. Must be able to stand 85% of the time. Must possess dexterity to manipulate large/small objects, use a computer keyboard, push/turn various size knobs on equipment, and use writing implements. Must be able to move within narrow, confined areas, etc. Must possess hearing and visual acuity necessary to observe the patient, accurately prepare imaging contrast as appropriate and draw patient doses. Must be able to discern information from electronic monitors, patient charts, BW and color monitors, computers, calculators, electronic controls, emergency equipment, patient charts/forms, printed documents, patient ID bands, and equipment manuals. Must be able to work with ionizing radiation and wear lead for up to 4 hours at a time. Regular attendance is required.
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