Brewer Massage School doing Community Outreach

August 20, 2019
The Therapeutic Bodywork Learning Center (TBLC), a massage school in Brewer, Maine
will offer free chair massages to the musicians, technicians and American Folk Festival volunteers
Sunday, August 25th, at the Holiday Inn from 8:30 to noon, supervised by their director, Donna Kraft-Smith, licensed massage therapist. The much appreciated seated massages helped support the energy and wellness of the festival workers and gave the students more experience with working with the public.

Every year the Therapeutic Bodywork Learning Center does community outreach. On that same weekend, Saturday, August 24 offered free therapeutic massage at the ENCORE Breast Cancer Survivors Retreat at Camp Jordan to the attendees. Therapeutic massage can relieve the stress of dealing with cancer as well as support the recipient’s road to wellness.

If you know of anyone who is looking for a career in health and wellness please let them know that a new massage training session will begin this September!
Donna Kraft-Smith
(207) 989-4325

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