Dysart’s Limited Edition PurpleBerry Pie Returns

June 11, 2020


Dysart’s Limited Edition PurpleBerry Pie Returns

Pie with a purpose returns with proceeds going to Bangor Y for Alzheimer’s Awareness


(BANGOR, ME) - Dysart’s PurpleBerry Pie is back for a fifth year, with the proceeds to be used for an Alzheimer’s-related cause. The PurpleBerry Pie is only available for a limited time, scheduled to be released around what is known as The Longest Day, or the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 20. Dysart’s will be donating proceeds from the Purpleberry Pie to the Bangor Y for Alzheimer’s Awareness.


“We call the Purpleberry Pie a ‘Pie with a Purpose’ because of the proceeds from its sale going to Alzheimer’s-related causes,” said Mary Dysart Hartt, co-owner of Dysart’s. “The color purple is associated with Alzheimer’s, so it was a natural fit to develop a PurpleBerry Pie. Being able to give back to help people understand and battle Alzheimer’s is why we developed this pie and it’s extremely meaningful to our family. The fact that the pie is delicious and sought-after every year helps bring additional funds to a worthy cause.”


The PurpleBerry Pie is available now at the Bangor and Hermon Dysart’s locations through the month of July and will cost $21 for a whole pie with 15 dollars from every pie going to the Bangor Y. Individual pieces of pie will also be sold at Dysart’s restaurant locations. 


“My husband, Mike, has Alzheimer’s and fights the battle every single day,” said Dysart-Hartt. “This year’s proceeds will be going to the Bangor Y because we have found that it is very important for someone living with Alzheimer’s to exercise. The Bangor Y hopes to provide a program that educates the caregiver and the patient to help them understand the complexities of living with this disease. It’s important to have a caregiver who has patience and kindness, and the Bangor Y’s desire to educate both the caregiver and the patient is a noble, and necessary cause. Mike tries to get out and walk every day, and we both try to give back to others dealing with a dementia.”


Mike and Mary are Ambassadors for the State of Maine for the Alzheimers Association and were asked to speak at a Senate Hearing in April of last year to give the message of making a care plan. 


“Mike has coped with his diagnosis by holding on to positivity and ‘seizing every day,’” said Dysart-Hartt. “We were told to enjoy life and fill our bucket list. We’re doing that. We’ve had fun, we’ve traveled, and we’re trying our best to give back to others. It’s all we can do.”


For more information about Dysart’s and the Purpleberry Pie, visit http://www.dysarts.com.



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