Guidance Point Advisors – The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast Release 6/25/2020

June 25, 2020
Bangor and Portland, ME – Guidance Point Advisors, LLC. has recently released two new episodes in its podcast series, The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast.  The Podcast looks to inspire you to visualize what your retirement will look like as you ask the question of whether you’re leading your best retirement life. The show goes in-depth with guests to hear their stories about how retirees in Maine are navigating a successful retirement, managing the inevitable challenges of aging, and defining what a “successful” retirement looks like.

Episode #19 covers the important topic of spending more time with family and grandkids and answers questions like:  “What if I don't know what they're into? How do I start a relationship with our grandkids? What if they don't want to spend time with me? How do I compete with the likes of Fortnite and Minecraft?” In our financial planning sessions with clients, we hear these fears A LOT. So with that, we brought in Chris McLaughlin, Associate Vice President of Community and Pediatric Services for Northern Light Acadia Hospital to dive into these questions in our episode titled “Creating a Better Connection With Your Grandkids in Retirement”.

Episode #18 explores how for many of us, our jobs give our life purpose. We recorded this episode to uncover why so many pre-retirees start feeling career burnout, age discrimination, feeling "stuck" in their work, and don't know what they should do next. Should you stay in your current job? But what if I haven't looked for a new job in decades?? Especially now due to COVID-19 and record layoffs, what do I do if I find myself unemployed and in the later stages of my career? Would anyone hire me? What can I do right now that can help position me for finding renewed purpose and success in the next job? Enter Barbara Babkirk, Founder of Heart at Work Associates, an organization that specializes in Career Counseling. We ask Barbara these questions and more in the episode titled “Finding Renewed Purpose from an Improved Career Path near or in Retirement.”

The Podcast series currently has 20 episodes released and has over 80,000 minutes of listenership since its launch in September 2019. The Podcast’s most popular episodes have featured “Experiencing Your Travel Bucket List in Retirement with Keri Forbringer”, “Facing & Fighting Mental Illness in Retirement with Dr. Clifford Singer of Northern Light Acadia Hospital”, “Finding Renewed Purpose From An Improved Career Path Near or In Retirement with Barbara Babkirk”, and “Creating a Better Connection With Your Grandkids in Retirement with Christopher McLaughlin.”

The Podcast can be found by searching for “The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, or Guidance Point Advisors’ blog – If you feel like you have a unique story about finding your purpose in retirement and would like to inquire about being a guest, inquiries should be directed to Ben Smith, CFA at or 207-358-3099 Ext. 302.
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