New Horizons Detox Center Expands Service Area to Include Downeast and Northern Maine

December 19, 2019

10-bed detox facility accepting new clients for detox healthcare and support

HAMPDEN, ME – Wellspring, Inc., a Bangor-based organization offering mental health and Substance Use Disorder treatment services has announced its detox center is now able to serve clients beyond the Greater Bangor Area into Downeast and Northern Maine. The New Horizons Detox Center, located on North Main Street in Hampden is a 10-bed facility for detox treatments.

“Detox saves lives,” said Suzanne Farley, executive director for Wellspring, Inc. “Research shows that if individuals can go through the detox process, lives are affected and lives are saved. Substance Use Disorder is a chronic disease that needs treatment. It takes a lot of courage, but it is the first step to saving lives. While this center has been serving people in the Greater Bangor Area for nearly two years, it’s been a goal of ours to be able to widen our net and include Downeast and Northern Maine. It’s an important goal to have achieved.”

Farley says that New Horizons is the only detox center of its kind in Eastern Maine. New Horizons takes MaineCare and public funding exists to pay for people who need treatment but have no other source of income. For detox treatments, the only other options in the area are in hospitals, which can be far more costly for clients.

New Horizons’ full staff includes RNs, counsellors and administration. If a potential client calls and a bed is available and they are determined to be healthy enough for treatment, staff will let the individual know what time to come in. While there, detox clients will have ongoing care from RNs, individual counselling, group counselling, and access to the recovery community. They will also receive help with transitioning out of the detox center, with a typical stay running between 3-7 days.

“Alcohol detox is potentially life threatening, so a safe place with skilled professionals is needed for the treatment,” said Farley. “People need to be assessed for the level they are in to determine if they should be treated at the detox center or at the hospital. For example, with opiate detox, individuals can do it on their own but it could be lethal if there is something else in their system. It’s best to get help with treatments from professionals. New Horizons will give people the support and care they need.”

New Horizons is located on North Main Street in Hampden. People with questions or seeking treatment can call New Horizons at 207.217.6521. More details can also be found at

About Wellspring, Inc.

Wellspring started as The Bangor Half-Way House as the first public treatment program for alcoholism in Northern Maine in 1965. Twenty years later, that organization became Wellspring, Inc. in 1985. Since then, Wellspring has expanded its value to the region by incorporating mental health services and outpatient services, and has expanded the reach of its services through various partnerships in the region.


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