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Job Description
Registered Respiratory Therapists assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with pulmonary disorders. They collect and analyze sputum, blood, and breath specimens to determine oxygenation and ventilation status. Respiratory therapist also measures lung volumes and capacities, deliver inhaled medication as prescribed and performs a verity of chest physiotherapies to aid in the treatment of pulmonary disease. The Respiratory Therapist II will be a graduate from an accredited associate’s or bachelor’s program in respiratory therapy and must have passed their licensure exam at the REGISTERED respiratory therapist level. The RRTII may work independently in all areas of the facility apart from NICU unless deemed appropriate by the management team. RRTII’s are eligible for advancement to the RRTIII level upon successfully completing the requirements identified in the RRTIII description. The RRTII must meet the following requirements prior to advancing to the RRTIII level. -Actively participates in the partnership council - Successful completion of NICU orientation - Two letters of recommendation (1 RT co-worker, 1 RN or Provider)
• Mechanical ventilator initiation and management. • Insertion and/or care of artificial airways • Patient assessment, medication administration and recommendation for therapy, interpretation of clinical data • Airway clearance & bronchoscopy assist, as appropriate. • Participation in the Rapid Response Team, Code Team, Trauma Team, and Sepsis team, as applicable by member • Participate in multi-disciplinary rounds in critical care areas and participate in education of students/other staff. • Protect patients or staff members using safety equipment. • Maintains a safe environment complying with NLH policies and procedures; reports and directly addresses environmental hazards and violations of patient safety policy and/or protocol when involved or observed. • May perform other duties upon request.
  • Required Respiratory Therapist
  • Required Associate's Degree• Graduate of a 2-year Associate Degree or a 4-year Baccalaureate Degree NBRC approved Respiratory Therapy Program • Maine State professional license and meet the current license eligibility requirements of the NBRC • BLS certification • Registered Respiratory Therapist credential • Demonstrates advanced knowledge and proficient practice in the role • Fully trained to all specialty areas, including NICU/PICU if applicable
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